Casper Ellis And Antonio Bach

Studio: Blake Mason

Its been so long since we last saw gorgeous Swedish boy Casper! He was always a fave of ours, so when he got in touch again out of the blue we couldnt wait to get him in for a good hard fucking. I think we chose the right top for him, dont you? Big-dicked new boy Antonio proved himself in a recent fuck with lucky lad Kai, stuffing the boy and delivering an easygoing scene that had plenty of us cumming with them by the end. we all know Casper likes them big, so this was an easy invitation for him. As the boys kiss on the bed Casper starts checking out that meaty dick, he wants it in his hole real bad. They go straight to the anal, with Casper quickly offering up his perfectly smooth little arse and Antonio getting in there with his tongue, licking and lapping that pucker to prep it for his meat. Our greedy bottom is desperate for it, opening up and taking every inch straight away, his peachy rump being rhythmically pounded without so much as a gobble of boner. You can tell An! tonio loves licking out that hole, every time they change positions he uses the opportunity to get his mouth in there for another taste. Finally on his back once more Casper gets his reward, his cock wanked until cum is gushing, his friend fucking his hole while he milks the load out of him. Big boy Antonio isnt far behind, kneeling over his spent pal and spilling a good warm load over Caspers already sticky body. its great to see Casper back, lets hope he doesnt wait so long next time!
Bound young man gets his ass fisted and stretched with hands and huge cock. Restrained Casper Ellis is horny to shoot a load of jizz from a twink Casper Ellis in bondage rimjob and BDSM cumshot. Bound young man gets his ass fisted and stretched with hands and huge cock. Deep fisting with master Sebastian and blindfolded sub drilled and fisted in foursome. Restrained Casper Ellis has his ass fisted and stretched with hands and huge cock.
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Format: mp4
Duration: 24:09
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 6953kbps
Audio: 147kbps

File size: 1.2 GB


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